Welcome to reporting

The 2016 season promises to be our best yet, and hopefully the reporting process is now as simple as possible for clubs. Please remember that all reports need to be completed by 11pm on the Tuesday following a game. The correct report(s) are available for you to select on both the sidebar and drop down menus.

Premier and Divisions 1&2

BOTH sides need to provide an Umpire Report. Should the league have not appointed both umpires from the panel then please use the "No Panel Umpire Report" which allows you to type the umpire name(s) rather than selecting from the panel list.

Division 3

The HOME side needs to complete the umpire report, the AWAY side needs to complete a Facility Report and an Umpire Report. The Umpire report allows free entry of the Umpire names.

Divisions 4-6

The AWAY side needs to complete a Facility Report.

If you need any assistance please contact our IT team by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.